Traditionally the interior walls are constructed as thin as possible so that they do not occupy usable space in a building, ignoring the advantages offered by a thicker wall. A.K.E.K. suggests solutions for constructing interior walls that provide you multiple benefits while occupying little space and being cost effective.

If the thickness of internal walls is increased from 8 cm in 12 or 15 cm, there is too little loss of available space, as we remove maximum 2 to 3,5 cm from each side of a room. The economic cost is very small, while is not overloaded the constructor with moreover working, neither is increased the cost of coats and colors.

This increase of volume increases the safety of the building, reinforcing the stability of the structure. Simultaneously is strengthened the energy independence of each site, by reducing the loss of heating / cooling and increasing energy savings.

Thereby improving the microclimate and in combination with increased insulation that offers this solution improves the quality of life.



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