2015: October

  • The "Triteknon Association of Heraklion" has chosen our products for the construction of its new building.


2015: September

  • The company AB Vasilopoulos a supermarket chain in the context of expanding its network in the region of Crete, selected products of our company for the construction of masonry walls of its new stores.



2015: July

  • The Minoan Orthoblok series of products is enriched with another member. The Research and Development department of AKEK SA,with the support and encouragement of the technical world of Crete decides to develop the brick Minoan Orthoblok–30.


2015: June

  • Pelemar S.A. is constructing a new five star hotel in the breathtaking location of Kavros near the city of Chania. As you may see in the images below the outer masonry walls are made with the Minoan Orthoblock-25.




2015: May

  • "Cretamel" a honey processing company, selected the Minoan Orthoblok for the construction of the masonry walls of its new inovative unit, in the area of Malades in Heraklion.



2015: April

  • A.K.E.K. S.A. faithful to its commitment to providing innovative and quality products to the Cretan market, proceeds to the establishment of a cooperation with Keramourgeia of Northern Greece (KEBE). Our aim is to offer quality made tiles in a variety of colours and shapes.



2015: March

  • The modern hotel complex "Akti Zeus" in the region of Amoudara Heraklion, in the photos you can see how it is formed after major renovation works took place for almost a year.



2015: February

  • The construction works have began on a new luxury hotel complex in the area of Oia in Santorini. Wide range of our products is used for the construction of masonry walls. In the photos below you can see Minoan Orthoblok-25.

February 2015


2015: January

  • Construction of new modern retirement home in Neapolis of Lasithi with products of our company.

January 2015


2014: December

  • The construction of the new kindergarden in the Municipal District of Agia Pelagia was completed.

December 2014


2014: November

  •  The construction of new modern retirement home in the area of Agios Ioannis in Heraklion has began with products of our company.

Ghroko ij 


2014: October

  • The expansion and modernization of the D.E.Y.A.CH biological treatment unit in Koumpeli Chania was made with our company products.



 2014: September

  • A.K.E.K. S.A. participated with great success in the exhibition «Expo Creta 2014» which was held from 12-17 September at the International Exhibition Center of Crete The attention of visitors attracted the innovative building system Minoan Orthoblok. The above is the best choice from a technical and economic perspective for masonry constructions.



2014: August

  • The construction of the new modern school complex of 5th High School and 4th Lyceum in Sfakaki Rethymno, has began with products of our company.



2014: July

  • A.K.E.K. S.A. decided to support the efforts of the local community for the construction of the new multi-purpose building of the Holy Pilgrimage of Virgin Vourliotissis, by donating products and expertise.


2014: June

  • In the context of promoting environmental awareness in the younger generation A.K.E.K. S.A. organized a educational visit to its quarry facilities, in the area of Agios Silas. All of the employees with their families and many volunteers were present in the second action of tree planting for 2014. Then our little friends had the opportunity to participate in educational games. The event was completed successfully early afternoon with the juxtaposition of snacks.


2014: May

  • AKEK has the honor to announce that the new three-volume book of the CEO of the company Mr. Michael Metaxas and his partner Mr. Manolis Maragakis was published in the U.S. it is entitled "Fundemental Mathematics". The academic community immediately embraced this seven-year effort of the authors. World-wide prestigious Universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) introduced the "Essential Mathematics" in their courses. For more information the website the publisher: http://www.dynamic-ideas.com/


2014: April

  • Construction with Minoan Orthoblok-25 of the new production unit of the company "Z. Sampathianakis Α.Ε.Β.Ε." in the Industrial Area of Heraklion.


2014: March

  • Construction with Minoan Orthoblok-25 of the new modern dairy factory "Stiakaki" in the area of Messara in Heraklion.



2014: February

  • Completion of the masonry works at the new Archaeological Museum of Chania with Touvleta A.K.E.K. 15X20X32.


2014: January

  • The "Ostria Hotel" in Ierapetra, chose our products for its renovation and expansion works.

2013: November

  • AKEK participated on the "Hotel and Professional Equipment Exhibition" at the International Exhibition Center of Crete which was successfully held on 11.29.13



2013: October

  • A.K.E.K.participates actively in environmental protection by planting new trees in the quarry of Ag. Sillas with the contribution of all employees.


2013: September

  • Election of the Managing Director of AKEK mr Konstantinos C. Christakos as vice president of the Business Association Industrial Area of Heraklion.

2013: August

  • Start of the production process of the new factory after the completion of the regular maintenance. Full exploitation of the potential of the new factory.


2013: July

  • From 19 to 24 of July took place with great success the Pancretan Expo of Archalohori, where A.K.E.K. participated with its own stand.


2013: June

  • Broadcasting of the tv show of CRETA CHANNEL "Kritiki ypaithros".


2013: May

  • Participation of A.K.E.K. in an exclusive tv show of CRETA CHANNEL "Kritiki ypaithros" with the journalist Agapi Roditi and subject the production of clay products.


2013: April

  • The pupils of the second classs of the 3rd High School of Heraklion visited the new ultra modern bricks' production unit of A.K.E.K. S.A. in the Industrial Area of Heraklion on Tuesday 2 April as part of the Technology lesson.



2013: March

  • The pupils of the first classs of the 13rd High School of Heraklion visited the new ultra modern bricks' production unit of A.K.E.K. S.A. in the Industrial Area of Heraklion on Monday 11 March as part of an enviromental program.



  • Preparedness Exercise codenamed "Sisihthon 2013'' was held this morning at the premises of AKEK SA-Ceramic Industries Metaxas in Industrial Area of Heraklion. The exercise was coordinated by the Administration F.D. Heraklion / Crete third E.M.A.K and Municipality of Heraklion.According to the exercise plan, at the rescue operation participated except the Fire Department, the polivce and the national Emergency Aid Centre

ΕΜΑΚ 22-3-13

2013: January
    • Reportage for ΑΚΕΚ and interview with the CEO of ΑΚΕΚ mr Konstantinos Christakos at the tv show "Proti thesi" of CRETA CHANELL.


2012: December
    • 23/12/2012 Reportage for ΑΚΕΚ which aired in Kydon tv news.


         • 14/12/2012 Interview with the CEO of ΑΚΕΚ mr Konstantinos Christakos by the civil engineer mr Peter Chatzistavrou within his tribute in AKEK SA at the tv show "About Construction and Economy" of "NEA TILEORASI CHANION".


2012: November
• Corporate presentation of AKEK SA 1906-2012 A great Cretan history, a great Cretan route


    • Construction of square at Gazi (Ergatikes Katoikies) with natural ceramic tiles (cotto).

2012: October
    • AKEK SA starts a new dynamic campaign with the local mass media in order to inform the public about its actions, the investment project and its products.

    • See our new ultramodern factory

   • Learn about ORTHOBLOK, the new innovative certified product of AKEK, result of our continuous research and development effort, that offers Energy Saving, Economy, Security, Thermal Insulation, Sound Insulation and improves the Microclimate of your space.

2012: September
AKEK starts promotional campaign for her new products.

2012: July
The international magazine BRICK WORLD publishes extensive multi-page article about the new factory entitled:
            "THE ECO-FRIENDLY solutions adopted by AKEK".
            To download the article click here.

2012: June
On June 28 was held at AKEK premises in the industrial area of Heraklion, educational seminar entitled:
           "Production and applications of ceramic bricks in modern construction."
            The workshop was attended by the following contractors, craftsmen:
               1Katsoulakis Michael
               2Skouloudakis Nikos
               3. Stamatakis, Pantelis
               4. Daskalakis Kon/nos
               5Kounalakis Nikos
               6Seliniotakis Nikos
               7Fragiadakis Themis
               8Antonakakis Aristides
               9. Vergetakis Zacharias
               10. Spanakis Zacharias

         •It is completed the development of the new web page of AKEK, with many features for the user who can even make calculations.
         •It is certified by the FOUNDATION for RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY (FORTH) the study of the Coefficients of Thermal Conductivity of
          bricks and masonry.

         Begins the development of the new web page of AKEK.

Begins the study for the certification of the Coefficients of Thermal Conductivity of bricks and masonry.

         Presentation to costruction materials dealers of the new products and their attributes.

         Great acceptance of the new products from the market.

2011:  It is completed the construction of the new factory and productions starts.

2010: Begins the construction of the new brick factory with capacity of 900 tons bricks per day.
          The new plant is the 5th factory of the company in more than 100 years of operation of AKEK S.A.

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