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The installations of company are accommodated in 100 acres of private land in the Industrial Area of Heraklion. Located near the airport and the port of Heraklion at one of the most crucial points of Mediterranean.

In 2011 
AKEK SA made a huge investment, renovating facilities and constructing a new unit based in Green Technology. The new ultra-modern plant has production capacity of 900 tons per day production and the flexibility of producting a wide range of products with various dimensions.



factoryThe main feature of the new unit is the cutting-edge technology which uses, with an emphasis on environmental protection and energy saving. The factory is equipped with high-tech automation that provide advanced control and optimization of production, ensuring the creation of high quality products. The facilities are also equipped with innovative systems and mechanisms for the protection of the environment.


The supply of raw materials is carried out by the two clay mines of the company in the areas of Agios Sylas and Agios Georgios, ensuring consistent quality and homogeneity of  materials.

The company is equipped with a sophisticated quality control laboratory, which is housed on the premises in the industrial area of Heraklion.

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"Λ" Street, Industrial Area
716 01
Heraklion Crete
Tel:+30 2810 381 160
Fax:+30 2810 380 798