A.K.E.K. SA is one of the pioneers of Greek Industries in the branch of production of ceramic products.

It began operations in 1906, in Hersonissos, Crete and today continues its activities in her privately-owned premises in the Industrial Region of Heraklion, Crete, total surface of bigger 100 acres.

The philosophy of A.K.E.K. is based on sustainable development and therefore has invested in green technology. It uses exclusively natural raw materials (soil and water) and production methods friendly to humans and the environment.

In the new ultra-modern bricks production unit that was manufactured in 2011, A.K.E.K. SA, brings the revolution in building, by manufacturing innovative products that provide energy shielding and safety in construction.

The characteristic of the company that has established her in its field, through a course of more than 100 years, is the continuous research and development following the developments of technology and often leading them through innovative ideas and actions.

Armed with the multiannual experience of her human potential, having conquered a leading position in the Greek ceramics industry, AKEK is moving in the 21o century by creating products friendly to humans and the environment, offering functional solutions to the basic need of housing.

"Λ" Street, Industrial Area
716 01
Heraklion Crete
Tel:+30 2810 381 160
Fax:+30 2810 380 798